Voilà l’oeuvre des femmes


if you don’t like having hair in summer
shave it shave it shave it

if you don’t like having hair in winter
shame on you shame on you
because we don’t see it

and what about your arm pits
what about it (chorus)
i don’t have any choice
you have a choice (chorus, spoken in funny voice)

it makes me wonder who i am (spoken)
you can decide (chorus sung, pick up fast)
i can decide
which style

lesbian hetero
lesbian hetero

I am myself, I arrive in front of the toilet, I define if I am a man or a woman.

Voilà l’oeuvre des femmes is a lecture-performance for five female bodies. A humorous and harsh venture into female stereotypes, it questions the constraints which are put on us, in our daily lives, through gender roles. Playing with different elements of pop culture, such as the runway, a cheesy song from the 90s, the musical, we - vamp, bride, fairy, queer-feminist bitch and nymphomaniac - point the finger to where it hurts. Vas-y Francky, c’est bon!

Length: 25min.
Concept, Text & Performance: BlingBlingRecycling Collective with Iva Radic
Premiere: January 25th 2014