Arriving on Time


Arriving on time is a score-based performance for three performers and one lifeguard. The performance is based on several rounds of four minutes, where the performers independently perform different tasks.

Creation: BlingBlingRecycling Collective
Performance: Anna Lena Lehr, Tabea Xenia Magyar, Emma Tricard, Stine Frandsen 
Performed in Uferstudios in the frame of UDK Rundgang, the 19th of July 2014

Our interest lies in the exploration of the sensation of time within different frames of action. How does each of us experience time passing? What friction is there between an objective quantifiable notion of time and our own perception of it? - While working with a very simple score, we detach the action from its actual time-scale and discover which potential is carried by very simple daily-life actions. In doing so, we create very specific bodies and images on stage.

The tasks which have been created previously are picked randomly by each performer just before the show. Each task has then to be performed with a specific filter of interpretation which is assigned randomly, as well.

Non-exhaustive list of actions...:

to read newspaper
to read a fat book
to cut veggies (5kg veggies carrots, apple )
to transplant a plant
to experience strong emotion
to have an orgasm
to drink a sip of wodka/shot of schnaps
to write a letter/postcard
to tell the contest of the biggest book..
to paint one fingernail ( make it more visible )
to do 100 pushups
to tie your hair
to repeat “I should really do this now”
to wash your hair
to smile/no smile
to sneeze one time
to distribute water equally into 100 glasses
to do a purzelbaum
to read a poem out loud
to bring all movable objects from one side to the other
to learn a text by heart
to walk from one chair to the other
to explain your political position regarding place of refugees in europe only using the voyelles
to find 5 items distributed in the space with closed eyes
to crawl across the space
to destroy a book page by page

Through applying different filters the previous actions are to be carried out:

1: ….in a political way
2: ….while destroying the action itself
3: ….in an everyday manner
4: ….while moving in the space

This work can be shown everywhere, inside or outside a theater place.