The New Avant-Garde series

Performance,site specific

BlingBling is launching its series: The New Avant-Garde. From this November on until the world ends, we will dive into the ocean of earnest art-making. It will be an apocalyptic tit-fest and also a stepping stone in our career as young entrepreneurs, so don't miss it. Be prepared to receive irregular last-minute invitations to these awesome events.

1# The Bermuda Triangle at Maybach Ufer in Berlin
Friday 11.11 - 18:30 to 19:00


See how you find your way: if you come from Kottbusser Brücke, walk on the left and north side of the canal and reach the grass area that separates Kreuzberg from Neuköln from Alt Treptow. When you reach the end and can't go further, turn left 90 degree, and turn right in the small path. It where the Landwehrcanal is welcoming an other canal. That's where it is.